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They've been part of the Southern Rock scene for nearly 50 years. Their biggest hits include So Into You, Champagne Jam, Imaginary Lover, Homesick, and Spooky. But there's so much more...
With 15 albums of outstanding songwriting and performances, The Atlanta Rhythm Section represents the good things the phrase "classic rock" implies.
So read, watch, listen, enjoy - have yourself a "Large Time!"


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Booking Information:
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Bruce Houghton, President
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“The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History” Is Now Available!

Seasoned, southern author, Willie G. Moseley, has written an in-depth book about The Atlanta Rhythm Section. Years of research and extensive interviews are infused into the first and only authorized history of the band. A native and current resident of Alabama, Mr. Moseley effortlessly weaves the story of a band whose roots are so close to his own.

Atlanta Rhythm Section’s background is a history lesson of the music scene in the South during the 60’s. Mr. Moseley details how Buddy Buie assembled a core group of incredibly talented southern musicians and developed the creative environment that enabled the ensemble to flourish and truly craft some amazing work. Buddy made real his dream of forming a super group to use as a vehicle for his songwriting skills, musical vision and business acumen. Mr. Buie’s efforts played out like an expertly conducted symphony and crescendo when Atlanta Rhythm Section’s mainstream success peaked in the late 70’s.

What goes up…, well, you can read the rest of that story too. Mr. Moseley’s book delves into the struggles that follow the band’s Top 40 success. He trails the band’s twists and turns throughout the new millennium up to the present day. Published by Schiffer Publishing and available through many online retailers, “The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History” is Mr. Moseley’s thirteenth book. A senior writer of Vintage Guitar Magazine, he is News Editor emeritus for The Tallassee Tribune.

LOOK for  "The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History"  at your favorite retailer.


A.R.S. Heads Back to Texas’ Arlington Music Hall, Dosey Doe and One World Theatre.

With another chance to grab a cup of “the coffee that takes you away” and to perform at a few of the finest live venues anywhere in the USA, Atlanta Rhythm Section is slap happy to be returning to Texas. We will begin a mini tour of Texas just outside ‘The Big D’ at the historic Arlington Music Hall which premiered as a movie theatre in 1950. The first movie to be shown featured Shirley Temple and was followed by a memorable on stage performance by a local band The Flying Ranch Hands who later became known as The Light Crust Dough Boys.

We continue to The Big Barn at Dosey Doe just outside Houston in The Woodlands. Not only is the coffee incredible but the food, the staff and the venue itself really stand out. If you like wood, you’ve got to check out this amazing place that features massive amounts of reclaimed timbers. Dosey Doe has won numerous awards including “Best Live Music Venue” and “Best Breakfast in The Woodlands”. If you can’t catch our show, stop by for breakfast, BBQ, or some of their amazing coffee; maybe go see a different band. There’s always something going on at Dosey Doe. Try the country fried steak; it’s pretty darn good. Yum! We can’t wait.

Last but certainly not least, we visit the state’s capital, Austin, and yet another fantastic venue, One World Theatre. The heart of One World began beating when its founder, percussionist, Hartt Stearns, attended a seminar at UCLA by Brazilian musician, Mayuto Correa, with whom Hartt would study. This enlightening experience inspired a journey to create and share One World through artistic exchange and experience. Hartt would spend many years traveling and performing music. Eventually, his journey would lead to Austin where he would find Nada. The two eventually marry and together find One World Theatre. For two decades, OWT has been one of the premiere venues in a premiere music town. Amazing place and an amazing couple, we look forward to seeing you again!

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Join A.R.S. for Another Great Evening at the Twin Cities’ Dakota Jazz Club.

Midwestern aficionados of great food and great music are all acquainted with Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant. Combining a top notch kitchen with an intimate live venue is certainly not a new concept. But, it is undoubtedly a challenge to attain an equitable balance and then maintain quality and integrity through all the facets of both of these trying businesses. Dakota set the bar a while back and decades later is holding up strong.

First impression of Dakota is, simply, amazement. This is a beautiful place. Next, a realization takes hold that everyone here really wants to be here. The staff and musicians appreciate this fantastic venue as much as the patrons. Come by and see why The Dakota Jazz Club has been a large part of the Twin Cities' rich musical heritage for over 30 years. You won’t be disappointed, unless perhaps you’re waiting for the Megadeth show to be announced.

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Let’s Hear it for the Arcada Theatre, our Heritage and Ron Onesti!

It takes vision to see the future through the past, an overlooked and underappreciated skill these days. Thanks to visionaries like Ron Onesti, an Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient, historic venues across our great country continue to be appreciated and actually thrive. Citizens of the Chicago metropolitan area should give their thanks by supporting the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois. Atlanta Rhythm Section is proud and thankful to be performing at the legendary theatre.

Beginning in 2005, Mr. Onesti’s efforts were crucial in restoring the Arcada to her original, roaring-20’s splendor. Another visionary, Chicago Tribune cartoonist, Lester J. Norris built the theatre in 1926 believing in the future of St. Charles which boasted 5000 citizens. The 1,009-seat Arcada would host most of vaudeville’s greatest entertainers. Supporting a thriving suburban community, ‘The Gem of the Fox Valley’ helped usher one of America’s great cities to the new millennium. Approaching her second century of service, the Arcada now presents over 200 live shows annually as the region’s premiere live venue.

For more information about The Arcada Theatre., click here...


The Georgia Rhythm Rolls to Edwardsville, Illinois’ Wildey Theatre.

Atlanta Rhythm Section can’t get to the St. Louis area often enough, because we always have a great time with our friends there. Since we’ve heard so many good things about this venue, the Wildey Theatre, the band really looks forward to heading your way this time.

The historic Wildey Theatre opened in 1909 as an opera house and included a second floor meeting hall for the Independent Order of Oddfellows. Undergoing many transformations throughout the years, the Wildey closed as a full-time movie theatre in 1984. The city of Edwardsville with a state grant acquired the property in 1999 and began renovating this wonderful community resource.

The Wildey and the Arcada do not stand alone. Civic leaders across our great nation head up the charge to save our heritage, which includes some amazing live venues. The freedom to create and appreciate art is a significant part of our liberty and history. Thanks for all the support.

For more information about The Wildey Theatre., click here...


Don’t Miss the Boat Next Time!


"The 2nd Annual Southern Rock Cruise" was EPIC! The Captain and crew aboard the lovely Norwegian Pearl were gracious hosts. The shows were amazing. The food was absolutely delicious, hands-down the best run kitchen on the ocean. Southern Rock fans are some of the nicest people on the planet. Of course, there were plenty of down to earth southern folks aboard, but we also met southern rock fans from around the world who came to listen and PARTY. Thanks for sailing with us!

Atlanta was well represented musically. Michelle Malone and Drag the River rocked the Caribbean. Some of us really enjoyed, Brother Hawk, a fantastic, up and coming band from our home town. There was also another bunch on the cruise we’ve known for quite a while called Blackberry Smoke. Everybody should have heard of them by now. If you haven’t you NEED to. These guys really rock it and have some great tunes.

Tucker, Headhunters, Hatchet, Jimmy ‘effin’ Hall, yup, the old guard was representing. There might be some grey upstairs but the, umm, more mature musicians set a blistering pace, especially Jimmy !!. Some of the younger bands started cranking it up and helped the Captain drive that big ship home. We are thankful that y’all continue to support southern rock both the older and the newer.

Check out amazing guitar player, Curt Towne, and his great band from Jacksonville, FL! They were on the first "Southern Rock Cruise" with us too. Jive Mother Mary from N.C., Steel Woods, and Mississippi’s own, Bishop Gunn are just a few of the talented bands carrying forward southern rock. Musicians need as much support as we can get. Buy a record or a t-shirt, please! Get out and see a show! Buy us a beer or if we've had one too many, DON’T buy us a beer. We really appreciate it y'all!

Speaking of appreciation, the entire Southern Rock Cruise would not have been possible without Star Vista LIVE and the incredible effort that Mike and his team in the red shirts put forth. They make everything happen. The logistics alone are monumental. If the audience felt half as welcomed as the artists, no one would have wanted to leave that ship. Tim and his entire production crew made the Herculean task those guys and gals do appear effortless and everything sounded GREAT. Thanks!

The food was abundant, continuous and always fantastic. There was a great act playing somewhere aboard the Pearl pretty much the whole time. The Cowboy Poets or Kyle Daniel would be slamming it in the atrium, while Hal, Heather, Jonell or the virtuosic duo, Striking Matches, would be chilling out the club. Seemed like, keyboard legend Johnny Neel and, our friends in Charlotte’s Preacher Stone played everywhere, all the time and were always amazing.

If you want to have a ‘Large Time’, check out what Star Vista LIVE has to offer. They sail several themed cruises throughout the year. Just try not to have TOO much fun. If you had a ‘Large Time’ with us aboard "The 2nd Annual Southern Rock Cruise", PLEASE tell Star Vista LIVE and the Captain and crew of the Norwegian Pearl about it. We’d love to set sail with all of them AGAIN!

For more information, click here...PLEASE let them know A.R.S. sent you!


Atlanta Rhythm Section Welcomes Drummer, Rodger Stephan.

After being our drummer for nearly two decades, Jim Keeling, decided that he would no longer tour with A.R.S., wanting to spend time with his family and focus on other career opportunities. To fill the vacancy, Rodney Justo was quick to recommend his long-time friend, Rodger Stephan. Since the pair have performed in the Tampa Bay area with 'CooCooCaChoo', for many years together, Rodney knew that Rodger would be the right man for the job.

Rodger brings us a seasoned and solid drumming style, as well as, excellent harmony vocals. And, he's LOUD! He toured with Marty Balin from Jefferson Starship and has been an active member of the music scene in his home town of Tampa, Florida. We are very fortunate and really excited to have Rodger aboard. He made a difficult transition much easier for us. We look forward to everyone meeting him and his awesome wife, Susi, who has been helping us by 'wo'manning the merchandise table at our shows.

Jim's years with the band will continue to have an impact on Atlanta Rhythm Section. He drummed with a devout appreciation of the music he loved to play and for the audiences we are so blessed to entertain. Jim's spirit will always be there influencing those of us fortunate enough to have played alongside him. We wish our friend and long, long-time bandmate the absolute best in his future endeavors. We miss you a lot, Sugar!

Atlanta Rhythm Section


Hello Dollywood!

Spring time in the Smokies! Can't think of anything finer. Atlanta Rhythm Section is tickled to have been included in the first ever "Spring Mix - Music Series" at Dollywood. We had an amazing time on our visit. Their world-class venue and top-notch crew made it a pleasure to play. Thanks to everyone who shared their afternoon with us and to the amazing staff who made us feel at home. Extra special thanks to Dolly for creating such an inspirational place.

Visit one of the finest resorts and friendliest amusement parks anywhere. Plus, you'll be in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the Great Smoky Mountains. Hope you can make it. We will let Dolly know you are on the way.


A.R.S. Releases 2-Disc CD: "One From the Vaults"

Often described as a more radio-friendly version of Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Allman Brothers, the Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of many Southern Rock bands to hit the upper reaches of the charts during the late `70s. Hailing from the small town of Doraville, Georgia, the beginning of the Atlanta Rhythm Section can be traced back to 1970. It was then that a local recording studio was opened, Studio One, and the remnants of two groups (the Candymen and the Classics Four), became the studio's house band. One of the facility's head figures, Buddy Buie, soon began assembling the session band. After playing on several artists' recordings, it was decided to take the band a step further and make the group of players a real band, leading to the formation of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. This collection contains 10 tracks previously unavailable on compact disc.

Liner Note Author: Bill Dahl.

Recording information: Atlanta, GA (1977); Chandler, NC (1977); Cleveland, OH (1977); London, England (1977); NYC, NY (1977); Pittsburgh, PA (1977); Tokyo, Japan (1977); Atlanta, GA (1978); Chandler, NC (1978); Cleveland, OH (1978); London, England (1978); NYC, NY (1978); Pittsburgh, PA (1978); Tokyo, Japan (1978); Atlanta, GA (1981); Chandler, NC (1981); Cleveland, OH (1981); London, England (1981); NYC, NY (1981); Pittsburgh, PA (1981); Tokyo, Japan (1981).

Personnel: Rodney Justo, Andy Anderson , Ronnie Hammond (vocals); Dave Anderson (guitars, background vocals); Steve Stone (guitars); J.R. Cobb, Barry Bailey (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Dean Daughtry (piano, organ); Robert Nix (drums, percussion); Roy Yeager, R.J. Vealey, Jim Keeling (drums) Paul 'TheMan' Goddard (bass).

Audio Mixer: Rodney Mills.




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866.531.2172 ext. 108

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