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They’ve been part of the Southern Rock scene for nearly 50 years. Their biggest hits include So Into You, Champagne Jam, Imaginary Lover, Homesick, and Spooky. But there’s so much more...
With 15 albums of outstanding songwriting and performances, The Atlanta Rhythm Section represents the good things the phrase “classic rock” implies.
So read, watch, listen, enjoy - have yourself a “Large Time!”


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Booking Information:
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Ohio! Here We Come, Again!

ARS is thrilled to be playing the Donnell Theatre at Marathon Center for the Performing Arts in Findlay, Ohio. What makes it even better is we get to hang with The Guess Who AND Firefall. This will be quite the night of great tunes in a great venue. Emerging from what was Findlay High School originally built in 1925; the structure added an art deco auditorium and eventually became the local ‘Central’ junior high school in the 60’s remaining a vital part of the Findlay community for decades. When a new middle school was built in 2012 concerned citizens rallied to save ‘Central’ from the wrecking ball. The theatre that held so many memorable events and brought together neighbors for so many years would become the heart of the building’s next chapter as a performing arts center.

The Marathon Center for the Performing Arts hosts hundreds of events annually. From ballets and weddings to rock’n’roll concerts and educational workshops, the venue provides Hancock County with a variety of cultural opportunities and entertainment options. With the generous support of the community the MCPA will be a large part of Findlay, Ohio for years to come.

Next, we caravan with Firefall across northern Ohio to Kent. All of us are excited to play The Kent Stage again. This room has a super cool vibe and oozes the feeling that can only be earned from the multitude of great shows that have happened within its walls. You know the kind of place, right? The place you saw the greatest show of your life back in the day but can’t remember the name of the band. The place your best friend saw your favorite singer way before anyone even knew who they were. Yup, it’s that place.

The Kent Stage was built in 1927. Beginning as a silent movie house and vaudevillian theatre, the Kent Stage is a survivor and the only downtown theatre that remains in Portage County. In 2002, the Western Reserve Folk Arts Association took over management of the venue which was named the Best Acoustic Venue in Northeast Ohio. Sorry, but we plan to totally rock it out again at The Kent Stage with Firefall, so hopefully the folksy acoustic crowd won’t mind too much. Meet us for a drink at The Kent Stage’s bar ‘ All Folked Up’, before and after the show. This one will be fun! Again! Hope you can join us.

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Home for the Holidays!

There’s no better place for us to wrap up 2022 than back in the old ATL. Our friends at Live Nation have invited us to perform again at Buckhead Theatre, Sunday December, 4. We have played at this amazing music venue several times and we couldn’t be more honored to feel so welcomed in the town where it all started for Atlanta Rhythm Section decades ago. Mr. Charles Loudermilk deserves some special appreciation for carrying Buckhead Theatre forward with the grace and dignity such an amazing place deserves.

Buckhead Theatre was built in 1930. It has been a fixture to those of us who have grown up in Atlanta. Now approaching a century of being a premier gathering spot in one of Atlanta’s premier neighborhoods, the theatre witnessed and has been through some rather dramatic changes over the years. Only five miles up the road from the famous and fabulous Fox Theatre, the relatively diminutive Buckhead Theatre thrived and struggled along with her big sister as the grand movie houses’ popularity waxed and waned. Both stately venues would fortunately survive into the new millennium and emerge into the booming metropolis that our quaint home town has become, both blossoming into revered and grand testaments to Atlanta’s history revealing their roles as important civic resources, bringing our community together to enjoy live performances.

We’re all looking forward to seeing a great game on Saturday and then enjoying another great show at a great place on Sunday. If you’re in Atlanta for the big game, hang out for another day, enjoy the city a while longer and come see us. We know the folks coming from Louisiana can party with the best of ‘em. So c’mon y’all! Let’s geaux! No matter who wins on Saturday we will have a celebration of good times and great music. Although some of us are confident we’ll be proudly wearing something red with a big ‘G’ on it and munching on some corndogs Sunday.

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Thankful For All of Y’all!

It was fantastic to get out there and see everybody in 2022. After not being able to hit the road for a good long while, performing and spending time with our bandmates, friends and fans comes now with a deeper sense of appreciation. Thank you all so much for the continued support over the years! We simply could not keep doing this if you did not keep coming out to see us. All of us absolutely love performing our music for our fans and it is something that we will never take for granted.

Of course, 2022 wasn’t a year without some troubles. We suffered losses and have acquired some new aches and pains. We aged a little more and must now accept the challenges that come with our accumulated experience. We, well, actually only David, had to heal broken fingers after crashing a bicycle. Finding solace in the lyrics of a song, escaping the pressure of the daily grind into the melody of your favorite tune, being comforted by the companionship of others while you enjoy a show, music can do so much. We are so grateful to be a positive part of your journey.

After a show we have heard more than once and usually with a splash of astonishment “It really looks like you guys are having fun up there on stage..?..? ”. HELL YEAH, We are! We’re not faking that in the slightest. We’re some of the most fortunate people on the planet being able to do what we do. Thank you. Thank you. Hoping you had a great year, that 2023 treats you better and we can see you soon!!

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"The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History" - Is Now Available!

Seasoned, southern author, Willie G. Moseley, has written an in-depth book about The Atlanta Rhythm Section. Years of research and extensive interviews are infused into the first and only authorized history of the band. A native and current resident of Alabama, Mr. Moseley effortlessly weaves the story of a band whose roots are so close to his own.

Atlanta Rhythm Section’s background is a history lesson of the music scene in the South during the 60’s. Mr. Moseley details how Buddy Buie assembled a core group of incredibly talented southern musicians and developed the creative environment that enabled the ensemble to flourish and truly craft some amazing work. Buddy made real his dream of forming a super group to use as a vehicle for his songwriting skills, musical vision and business acumen. Mr. Buie’s efforts played out like an expertly conducted symphony and crescendo when Atlanta Rhythm Section’s mainstream success peaked in the late 70’s.

What goes up..., well, you can read the rest of that story too. Mr. Moseley’s book delves into the struggles that follow the band’s Top 40 success. He trails the band’s twists and turns throughout the new millennium up to the present day. Published by Schiffer Publishing and available through many online retailers, “The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History” is Mr. Moseley’s thirteenth book. A senior writer of Vintage Guitar Magazine, he is News Editor emeritus for The Tallassee Tribune.

LOOK for  "The Atlanta Rhythm Section : The Authorized History"  at your favorite retailer.


A.R.S. Releases 2-Disc CD: "One From the Vaults"

Often described as a more radio-friendly version of Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Allman Brothers, the Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of many Southern Rock bands to hit the upper reaches of the charts during the late `70s. Hailing from the small town of Doraville, Georgia, the beginning of the Atlanta Rhythm Section can be traced back to 1970. It was then that a local recording studio was opened, Studio One, and the remnants of two groups (the Candymen and the Classics Four), became the studio's house band. One of the facility's head figures, Buddy Buie, soon began assembling the session band. After playing on several artists' recordings, it was decided to take the band a step further and make the group of players a real band, leading to the formation of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. This collection contains 10 tracks previously unavailable on compact disc.

Liner Note Author: Bill Dahl.

Recording information: Atlanta, GA (1977); Chandler, NC (1977); Cleveland, OH (1977); London, England (1977); NYC, NY (1977); Pittsburgh, PA (1977); Tokyo, Japan (1977); Atlanta, GA (1978); Chandler, NC (1978); Cleveland, OH (1978); London, England (1978); NYC, NY (1978); Pittsburgh, PA (1978); Tokyo, Japan (1978); Atlanta, GA (1981); Chandler, NC (1981); Cleveland, OH (1981); London, England (1981); NYC, NY (1981); Pittsburgh, PA (1981); Tokyo, Japan (1981).

Personnel: Rodney Justo, Andy Anderson , Ronnie Hammond (vocals); Dave Anderson (guitars, background vocals); Steve Stone (guitars); J.R. Cobb, Barry Bailey (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Dean Daughtry (piano, organ); Robert Nix (drums, percussion); Roy Yeager, R.J. Vealey, Jim Keeling (drums) Paul 'TheMan' Goddard (bass).

Audio Mixer: Rodney Mills.



  Booking Information:
Artist Events
Bruce Houghton, President
866.531.2172 ext. 108

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